Exotic Fishing Thailand Arapaima Guarantee!

Catch what you came here for!

In appreciation of our customers support in our first year of business, we are now offering our EFT ARAPAIMA GUARANTEE, yes, you read that right, ARAPAIMA GUARANTEE! Only at EXOTIC FISHING THAILAND.

Started on October 1st, 2014, we guarantee that you will catch an Arapaima or you can continue to fish until you catch one for free or return within 6 months and also fish for free until you catch one! This applies to fishing only and not accommodation as we cannot guarantee availability.

This applies to bookings of minimum of 7 days and only when the customer is paying full price of 5,500 Baht per full day and full price for accommodation. The one exception is bookings made at the 2016 Big One, Farnborough Fishing Show where all 7 day paid fishing bookings are eligible for the Arapaima Guarantee.

This does not apply to 1 week trips where some days are spent fly fishing as the fly fishing is more reliant on the skill of the angler. I really cannot imagine though how anyone could fish for 7 days fly fishing and not catch any Arapaima here at EFT.

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