"Ask Mike" - Frequent Questions & Answers, updated 15 June 2016

We are asked many questions every day by our customers so I have tried to answer as many as possible. I am sure I will be updating this page often.

  1. Q - What do you suggest I bring to Exotic Fishing Thailand on my fishing day?
    A - Your camera, a smile, towel, change of clothes, sun screen, hat, head torch (optional), and cash for payment.

  2. Q - How much does it cost to come fishing?
    A - Email us for our rates.

  3. Q - Can you book transportation for me?
    A - YES, we are happy to help to book taxis. Taxi prices are listed here.

  4. Q - Do you take credit cards or travelers cheques?
    A - NO, sorry we take cash in Thai Baht only.

  5. Q - Do you have accommodation available?
    A - YES, we use several partner hotels in the area. We primarily use a very reasonable partner hotel called TP Place which is 10 minutes from the lake. Shuttle service and breakfast is included in the hotel price of 1,700 baht for single occupancy, 200 Baht for each additional person. We can also arrange any other accommodation you like from a hostel to top brand named 5 star resorts all within 40 minutes of our resort. We are building lakeside bungalows which have started in 2015 (and will be available August 2016). Yes, we will also have a swimming pool.

  6. Q - Is the fishing better in the morning or afternoon?
    A - Usually the lake fishes better in the afternoon but many fish (especially Arapaima) are caught in the first few casts so be alert and ready.

  7. Q - Can we bring our own equipment?
    A - YES, you can but we have to approve it and strongly prefer that you don’t. This also saves you travelling with extra baggage at additional flight costs. Our equipment is specifically matched to the task at hand.

  8. Q - Are there other activities close by for my family to enjoy?
    A - YES, there are many exciting and interesting things to do. Please check our links page for a list of options including; sea kayaking, jungle tours, biking tours, island tours, white water rafting, and visiting waterfalls and temples close by. We do not encourage Elephant trekking as we feel the way the elephants are treated is unethical.

  9. Q - What is the reality regarding mosquitos and other beasties?
    A - We do get some mosquitos in the evenings as we are surrounded by water and jungle, BUT not as many as you would think. Bring some repellent to be on the safe side. (OFF works fine). There are also some biting ants, snakes, and scorpions around our property as there are at ALL Thai fisheries. We are surrounded by untouched nature so this is to be expected. I have seen very few “creatures” (3 scorpions and 5 snakes) in the last 3 years and they are usually crossing the road or heading in the opposite direction so no need to worry.

  10. Q - Can we use live bait?
    A - NO, sorry you cannot. We don’t want to risk deep hooking of our precious fish.

  11. Q - Can we fish at night?
    A - NO, sorry you cannot. Our hours of operation are from 8 am to 7pm and that is fixed. NO, it doesn’t matter if you are willing to pay more. This is based on the safety of our fish and to give us time for clean up, maintenance, and for our guides to get some rest.

  12. Q - Do you weigh fish at EFT?
    A - NO, sorry we do not. We do not weigh any fish under any circumstances as there is no reason to put them through unnecessary stress. Also the  IGFA no longer accepts records from commercial waters. We weigh our fish and electronically tag them when we initially receive them so we are quite good at estimating weights and also quite conservative. We do not over estimate fish sizes like some other resorts.

  13. Q - Can we bring our own baits?
    A - NO, you may not. No outside baits are allowed unless they are pre-approved boilies or pop ups which are acceptable. Our fish have been raised on our pellets and dead fish and are not familiar with eating boilies. That doesn’t mean they won’t work, but for now I would suggest you stick with baits we supply. This is also cheaper for you and saves on luggage space.

  14. Q - When planning a trip what is the best time of year to visit EFT from a fishing and weather perspective?
    A - The fishing at EFT is good all year with fluctuations within each month based on weather patterns, moon phases, etc. I would say that generally the fishing is best from May to November and the best beach weather is from November to April. The lake is generally less busy from May to November so also less pressure on the fish. Certain species like different weather so check our catch reports to see what gets caught most and when.

  15. Q - Does EFT allow fly fishing?
    A - YES, we do but only with 12 or preferably 14 weight fly rods. This is primarily for the safety of our Arapaima. NO you cannot bring a 10 weight and fish for other species as our Arapaima don’t know what you are intentionally fishing for and can inhale any fly. We DO NOT supply fly rods at EFT. You must bring your own equipment. Other tackle details can be discussed before you plan your visit.

  16. Q - Do you have any potential IGFA records at Exotic Fishing Thailand?
    A - From our 65+ species we have 18+ species weighing more than existing IGFA records, unfortunately the IGFA as of 2014 no longer recognizes records from commercial fisheries. We are trying to persuade IGFA otherwise but so far with no success.

  17. Q - Is there a fishing guide available to help as I am not familiar with this type of fishing?
    A - YES, we have guides available to help with initial questions and to do a short demonstration. After that they are available to land all fish, help with photos, change any leaders, supply bait, and give advise if you require any. The guides are responsible for up to 4 swims per guide so please be patient and we will help as soon as possible.

  18. Q - Can we get food and drink in our fishing swims?
    A - YES, we have service staff who are happy to take your orders and serve food and drinks in your fishing swim. Check out our menu on our restaurant page.

  19. Q - Can we buy one fishing ticket and my friends and I share the rods in one swim.
    A - NO, there is no rod sharing allowed. Each person fishing must pay for a fishing ticket with the exception of our family packages for children 14 and under.

  20. Q - Do you have WI-FI around the lake?
    A - We have WI-FI in the restaurant and a few swims close to the restaurant. This is after all a fishery in the jungle and we hope you can relax and forget about emails and work for a while.

  21. Q - What should I NOT bring?
    A - Alcohol, drugs, any illegal substances or items, a negative attitude, food and/or drinks from outside the resort.

  22. Q - Can I play music in my swim while fishing?
    A - YES, you can play music if it is not heard by other anglers. We suggest headphones. Please respect your fellow anglers which also applies to not yelling across the lake.

  23. Q - Can we take some of our fish home?
    A - NO, you cannot under any circumstances. EFT is a catch and release fishery only.

  24. Q - Is it safe to get into the lake for photos?
    A - We feel it is safe or we would not go in the water every day ourselves. Fish are generally more scared of us than we are of them. Entering the water and handling the fish is ultimately at your own risk and we are not responsible for your safety. Please remember to empty your pockets before getting in the water. We purposely do not grow hyacinths close to our fishing swims so that the fish are generally not relating to the shore but more to the middle of the lake.

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