Fish Species Available with Descriptions

For the species we stock, here is descriptions of each, some are longer than others and some have additional photos.

We will be updating this page as time permits, thank you for your patience.

African Walking Catfish

Albino Striped Catfish

Albino Wels Catfish

Alligator Gar

Amazon Redtail Catfish



Asian Redtail Catfish

Atlantic Tarpon


Bighead Carp

Black-eared Catfish

Black Shark Minnow

Blue Channel Catfish

Catla Carp

Chao Phraya Catfish

Chinese Black Carp

Clown Featherback

Cobra Snakehead

Crystal-eyed Catfish

Giant Featherback

Giant Gourami

Giant Snakehead

Giraffe Catfish

Golden-bellied Barb

Golden Dorado


Hovens Carp (Mad Barb)

Indian Shovelnose Catfish

Indochina (Striped) Featherback

Jau (Zungaro) Catfish

Java Barb

Juliens Golden Price Carp

Kali Rohu

Marble Catfish

Mekong Catfish

Mrigal Carp

Nile Perch


Peacock Bass

Picuda, Dorado

Piraiba Catfish

Redtail Tiger Cross Catfish

Ripsaw (Niger) Catfish

Rohu (Indian Carp)

Salween Rita

Siamese Carp

Soldier River Barb

Stracheyi (Blue) Mahseer


Tiger Shovelnose Catfish


Vulture Catfish

Vundu Catfish

Wallagoo Attu

Wallagoo Leeri

Wels Catfish

White Gourami

Yellowcheeked Carp

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